Wednesday, December 1, 2010


All things bright and beautiful
Our love had screened the reality
With curtains drawn
We refused to see, what engulfed us was insanity.

Don't know when
Don't know how
Maybe through a creek in the door
Maybe a crack in the window
In came the devil.

Never could kill me or possess me
Never could kill you or possess you
It plagued what was between us
And thus killed me
And thus killed you
And thus died God.

Of Contrast, Of Chaos

There was a storm raging. Outside, the sun shone bright after many days, rendering its warmth to all things cringed up after weeks of sunless freeze that had captured Nantes - a small on the north west of France. There was a tempest in his mind of all things unrequited love took him through... takes everyone through. Outside, his mother poured yet another coffee for yet another happy group that had stepped out after days of house arrest that the ruthless winter had put them through. He flew into a fit of rage to break yet another one of the set of shot-glasses she had got him. Outside, the calm had beset the town as its people basked in the warmth of the new sun, absorbing the beautiful sight, appreciating the temporariness of it - the fickle sun! Tomorrow another freeze fest starts; today's all they've got. There was a calm that pervaded his heart - he knew there was no going back from this pain and in that moment it became a part of him: his eyes, never the same light in them; his smile, never the same innocence in it; his mind, never to go through these motions again.

(Working on a sequel)