Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trying one in hindi :P

ab socha toh teri yaad aayi
aankhen band hone lagin, dil mein tu nazar aayi.
hua ye ehsaas, ki hai kuch khaas
aisi hi nahi ek zindagi maine bitaayi, banke teri parchayi.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


further from truth
my heart pushes my mind,
it puts a fold on my eyes
but can't make me blind.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


---Just found this in my drafts---

There are two weeks left of my fuchchadom at IIM Ahmedabad, as I sit to write this bog on a Sunday evening. Don't misread me, I DO NOT have the time to write this blog. I am stealing it between assignments!

How desperately each fuchcha looks forward towards the end of this period is not something I will waste a blog entry on! But as this period draws to an end, there are idiots like me who, despite the pain and the misery of the year gone, will look back and cherish each day.

It has changed a lot in me. Having been born and brought up in one place, I have had the luxury of the company of family, friends and love whenever I needed them.

This was by far the most happening year of my life. It was tough to save the relationship in the beginning, which I managed to scrape through. There were inc

I came into this year a kid, I am going out a man.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I am here
burning in hell
while you found heaven yonder
despite the separation of the worlds between
I have come to grow fonder!

I have chosen
to be where I am
travelling through the worlds
don't come down here to get me
in an attempt to set me free

It's dark, It's scary
But that's just how is this story
but I have found my solace
It's here that I lost everything
but it's here that I found my self.

There's hope, there's joy
there are times when I cry
No, I don't want you to come for me
but come and see, now I am free.

I daren't come to you now
for I am scared what you got to show
a land of sunsets and evening tea
might withdraw me from my insanity